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You Got Fooled!

Also, so some people actually believed the April Fool’s joke was real. They cleared it up and ensured the zombies, gore and first person shooter are all fake. I guess they need to keep it down a notch or maybe the fans are just die hard that they refused to believe it was a joke xD With that said, they fessed up it was all photoshopped except for the rust/wear on the rails. That’s all real. They mention that almost every day NL2 is much more usable. Also, the choice of wearout, that rust/wear on the rails, can be set in the settings. Another thing to note in this April 22 update is that a new coaster style is introduced and it is called the rocket launch coaster. You can see it in the images provided below.

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April Fools 2011

Its customary to put up an April Fools joke every year and this year is no exception. This joke basically turns NL 2 into a first person shooter. They have zombies, soldiers and the setting of course is a theme park. The park guests turn into zombies after watching the Apocalypse preshow. Anyway, pictures are posted below of what they posted for this April Fools 2011 joke.

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