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Status Update With Details

No Limits Coaster 2 is in the final stage and very close to being released. Most of the big critical bugs have been fixed. All the features have been added in and all that is left to do is write up the user manual and create some demo tracks. Here’s some screenshots to get your adrenaline going: The following list is not complete and is of the features you see in the screenshots: New wooden coaster track (with bump mapping, specular mapping, reflection mapping) Improved wooden catwalks Improved and retextured wooden coaster trains Improved generated wooden supports (layered with offsets) Realistic wooden coaster bent spacing Realistic wooden support beam sizes Park with multiple coasters Dynamic day-time simulation Experimental Depth of field effect Automatically generated dual station (will detect parallel station tracks) Special dual station switch for Flying Dutchman coaster (and other coasterstyles using same track) Some of you have requested ...

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Suspended Coasters Will Be Part of NoLimits Coaster 2

Revealed as an exclusive to our good friends at Screamscape, NL2 will have suspended coasters! This is a track style that has been desired by a large portion of the NoLimits fan base and finally we get to see it realized. Here’s a quote with regards to the train style: The suspended style is shown in full glory and in full swing! The swinging motion is dynamic and affected by the forces acting on the coaster through the track. The swinging is calculated in real time and looks fantastic! Now for what you want to see, some pictures! As you can see, this update is gnarly! It’s sure to get your creative enzymes in your brain going for new designs. Imagine recreating Iron Dragon or Ninja! The suspended roller coaster design is a unique and exciting one. With the swing being calculated in real time, you’ll be certain to find ...

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