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Development of Mac Version of No Limits Coaster 2 Suspended

Hi folks, We have decided to suspend development of the Mac version of NoLimits 2. We apologize for the disappointment among you, our loyal Mac fans, who have waited so very patiently for the promised Mac version. A combination of factors led us to suspend further production and this was not a decision made lightly. Mac has become more difficult to develop for and as a platform is moving away from high end performance necessary for the optimal NoLimits 2 experience. Continuing to develop for Mac was distracting our efforts away from improving and adding to our core simulator. We will focus our dedicated yet limited resources on future projects for the PC version. In the future we may decide to resume production on a Mac version, and if so, we will announce it. Once again we apologize for disappointing many with this decision. Thank you for your understanding.

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No Limits Coaster 2 Tournament Round 1 Results

Round 1 results for the tournament have been posted! Sorry for the delay, we had personal issues that couldn’t be ignored and that set back the date of us posting the results. Without further delay, you can see the results here:¬†http://www.coastercrazy.com/forums/2016-coastercrazy-no-limits-2-tournament-t36107-275.html#p402436

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No Limits Coaster 2 Tournament Prize Wheel

Many have asked what kind of wheel is the one being given to the winner of the No Limits Coaster 2 Tournament and here it it! Isn’t it lovely? Can you guess for what type of roller coaster this wheel is for? Post your guesses in the comments below and we’ll let you know who guesses it right! Here’s some more pictures of the wheel which was provided courtesy of Uremet, maker of roller coaster wheels. Everyone at Uremet is super awesome! Many thanks for helping us out on the wheel. It is very much appreciated <3 The wheel polyurethane is a custom made color to represent the primary color of the website hosting the tournament, CoasterCrazy.com Awesome right? We hope you signed up to the tournament and win the wheel! Follow along the tournament at the following page: http://www.coastercrazy.com/forums/2016-coastercrazy-no-limits-2-tournament-t36107.html

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2016 No Limits Coaster 2 Tournament

  The 2016 No Limits Coaster 2 Tournament is a contest that is consisting of three rounds. You will make use of your skills and creativity to pass each round. Of all the entries submitted, only a few of you will pass on to the next round. In the sporit of competition, there will be deadlines to meet, template to fulfill and curve balls thrown at you. Only the ones with the best abilities will be able to make it to the final round. Only the best can win this tournament. There can only be 1 winner! How do I enter? This tournament is being hosted on multiple sites but the primary place is on CoasterCrazy. Entry is free so as long as you have a copy of No Limits Coaster 2. You enter by typing “I’m in” on this thread and your username will then be added to a ...

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