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2016 No Limits Coaster 2 Tournament

  The 2016 No Limits Coaster 2 Tournament is a contest that is consisting of three rounds. You will make use of your skills and creativity to pass each round. Of all the entries submitted, only a few of you will pass on to the next round. In the sporit of competition, there will be deadlines to meet, template to fulfill and curve balls thrown at you. Only the ones with the best abilities will be able to make it to the final round. Only the best can win this tournament. There can only be 1 winner! How do I enter? This tournament is being hosted on multiple sites but the primary place is on CoasterCrazy. Entry is free so as long as you have a copy of No Limits Coaster 2. You enter by typing “I’m in” on this thread and your username will then be added to a ...

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