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Cat’s Out The Bag – No Release Date To Be Announced

So, back in 2009 they said NL2 would be done late 2011. Then it was mentioned that Ole moved so it was pushed back 2 months which would make it still late 2010or early 2011. Well, now it is December 24, 2011, a year since when the supposed release date arrived came and went and here’s an announcement about release dates: They want to be extra careful about what they show and not show because every time they post something, people start asking when will it be done and available. Well, that’s to be expected, people want to play with what you are showing them. If you’re Pedobear and reading this, don’t get any funny ideas. So now that the cat is out of the bag, the state that NL2 is nowhere near finished. They started talking about how many lines of code there are and basically stuff that the general public doesn’t really care to know. What they want to know is a simply if the game will be done soon or not. Just say no and that’s all. Alright, then they move on to say that there over 100,000 polygons per train model which means that low FPS for most users. So now they worked on a new system which will improve fps. A new feature announced is the new manual block mode. This basically lets you test out block systems automatically or to move trains in and out of transfer tracks. Check out the short video below of it in action.

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