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Dive Machines And Tunnels for NL2

After several months without a true NL2 update, we finally get one. This one is in late 2010, which was to be the release of NL2 but right about now we feel this wont happen. However, we are treated to some pictures of dive machines and tunnels in NL2.  It is confirmed that you will indeed be able to do tunnels underground and in water, which was already announced back in July. The new news we see is actually of a new track/train type in NL2 and that is of the Dive Machine. It is 10 seats across and floorless like your typical dive machine. There’s mention of technical stuff but basically what it means is that everything should work as it does in real life, which is what a simulator is and that is NL2 xD Shading has been worked on and improved. You can see that in the screenshots below where u notice the darkening of the track color when it enters the tunnel. The rails pictured are new to the game. No release date is announced this time around. Check out the images below:

divemachine1 divemachine2 divemachine3 divemachine4 divemachine5 divemachine6

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