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How To Convert Your No Limits Coaster 2 License To A Steam Key

Ever since No Limits Coaster 2 became available on Steam, many users have asked us if they could convert their license to a steam key. The answer is: Yes!

Converting your steam key is a simple process, you simply quote your purchase details when you ordered No Limits Coaster 2 and you send an email to nolimits@nolimitscoaster.com

In the email you ask that you wish to receive a steam key for your original purchase.

Once they have verified that the information is legitimate, they will reply back with a steam key than you can use to activate No Limits Coaster 2 on Steam.

You then open Steam and navigate to games. You then click the “activate a product” link on steam, click next and then you agree to the terms and conditions. Next you paste the steam key you received into box and follow the directions given after.

It is very simple to do. One might wonder, why purchase NL2 from here and not right off from Steam? Well, by purchasing it here, you can download the install file and back it up to a flash drive. This is handy in the event you go somewhere where there is no Internet and wish to run NL2, you can simply install it from the flash drive. Otherwise if the computer you are trying to use it on does not have steam installed and the game downloaded, then you wont be able to play it since you can’t access the internet to download. So be sure to purchase your copy of No Limits Coaster 2 from here and just request a steam key after. You’ll get the best of both worlds 🙂