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NoLimits Coaster 2 Version

Version has been made available and it includes a number of new additions and fixes. You will be very pleased with this update. Here is a list of the changes:

  • New 3D deferred renderer engine
  • New Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) effect
  • New HDR rendering with adaptive lens
  • New bloom effect
  • New sun shafts effect
  • New underwater caustics effect
  • New automatic occlusion system
  • Improved light shafts
  • New lamp set scene objects
  • New bench set scene objects
  • New fence set scene objects
  • New trash can set scene objects
  • New HD foliage set scene objects
  • New SMAA option
  • Fixed a deadlock when quitting while the telemetry server is active
  • Added overloaded method of ‘setTranslation’
  • Added overloaded method of ‘setScale’
  • Added method ‘getEntityColor’
  • Added method ‘getSetSwitchDirection’
  • Added method ‘setButtonHelpDescription’
  • Added option to auto-assign configurable user colors to light colors
  • Added button to open and edit NL2MAT from within NL2SCO editor
  • Can load and start park with drag and drop now
  • Improved information in message window in case of failure when loading a file
  • Added option to turn Lock On Terrain on and off for every scene object instance
  • Removed Background Texture setting
  • Added Texture Resolution setting
  • Added Light Shaft Quality setting
  • Added station gate sound effect
  • Improved steel coaster brake sound effect
  • Added Metal (A) material to library
  • Added Concrete (A) material to library

For more discussion on the update, check out this forum thread on CoasterCrazy: https://www.coastercrazy.com/forums/nolimits-2-update-log-t34113.html

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