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NoLimits Coaster 2 Will Be Released Later In 2013

I hope all of you got the good news today that NL2 will be released later this year. What follows is an incomplete list of the features slated to appear in NoLimits Coaster 2:

  • Dive Machines: This long await train style will be in NL2
  • Hidden Tracks: Something we saw on the release of Scream Machines will finally be added to NL
  • 4D Coaster bogie and car: This is a new train and car style as well
  • Prefabs for 4D coasters will be made available
  • Optional railing lights (the color can be customized)
  • Station lights (will switch on and off depending on the time of day)
  • Older coaster styles have been improved with increased detail
  • Vertical rotation switch track (shifting switches are available, too)
  • Graphical user interface of editor (OS independet GUI, tab based work flow)
  • Multiple viewports in editor (optional)
  • G-Force comb in editor (updates in realtime, works similar as radius comb)
  • Track nodes (position, roll and segment border nodes are independent from each other)

Now for some pictures:

You can see some of the neat details that the release will have. It is stated on the dev page that the game is no more. They are targeting realism. 2 different sets of licenses will be made available: standard and pro. The difference is the pro version will produce higher quality video and pictures. It will still run on windowx XP but it is recommended to use Windows 7 or 8. The renderer requires ShareModel 3.0 graphics hardware with at least 256 MB of VRAM.

On release date, there will be only a Windows version available. A Mac version will be available next year. It is recommended that you have 2 GB of ram available. Fast graphics hardware is highly recommended. This means those unfortunate on a laptop may have a hard time having a decent view of the game. NL2 will make use of multiple cores so if you have a multicore computer, you’re in for a nice performance of the game.

Release of NoLimits coaster wil be this year, however it is unlikely that it will be before November 1st. Pricing is not decided yet but it is estimated to be around $45 for a standard license and $100 for a pro license. Those who have NoLimits Coaster 1 will be eligible for a discount. The amount of the discount is not decided. It is decided that NL1 will be continued since NL2 is far more professional and complex. Again, it will only be available online. You will not find boxed sets in your local stores. Download size is to be around 500 MB and there will be various free updates that add new features.

That is all for now, hope you like the news!


  1. This looks wonderful and as a long-time owner of No-Limits, I would love to purchase a ‘pro’ version of the license. If you could offer a modicum of a discount to current users and long time fans of this app in the present, I would pay in the present to get this app in the future.


    – Joe

  2. will it work with windows 7?The version I had was XP only.

  3. I cannot wait for the Mac version .. LOVE this simulator the best out there
    Been a very big fan and still play off and on 🙂 Cannot wait … THANKS for doing this..
    Need to make a Track designer for iPad that can Email tracks to people so they can design on
    their Coffee break and ride when they get home 🙂

  4. I have been waiting since the day they announced this game! Hoping for this to be released before theme park studio! Cant wait to play both games though, just need one to come out later than the other so I will be able to play them both for a long time without having to decide which to play 🙂

  5. If use TriDef 3d …

  6. I am super excited for this release, especially for the 4D roller coaster track style! I LOVE X2 and I made a version on NL1 with a flying coaster, use to “Fly-by view”, and move the camera out over the side and use my mouse to try to copy the rotations, I usually have issues. XD But with this it will all be there and that’s exciting; not to mention the supports not missing the corners, and I KNOW I’m not the only one who disliked that. I was kind of disappointed to find out I will have to pay for it separately (though the discount for having NoLimits was nice), but looking at this thing, it looks like it’s well worth it. Hope it’s released soon! Can’t wait! And Stellar job!

  7. neato.. any hope of wooden coaster improvements , like classic train styles ?

  8. I have a Windows 7 computer I got it in May in 2011. It is an Asus, will NL 2 work on my computer? I am pretty sure I have met the requirements.

  9. Whats the difference between “pro” and “standard” licence?
    Only the commercial use?

    • As of right now, “2 different sets of licenses will be made available: standard and pro. The difference is the pro version will produce higher quality video and pictures.”

      • I would like to see pictures side by side of the two so I can get an idea of what each one produces so I can tell if just I can tolerate the standard license picture/video quality. I don’t really need the best graphics, but if one is…just ok, I think I would rather get the other, but I just want to know. Thanks.

        Also, I want to know if I can upgrade to the Pro license if I do get the standard one and decide that I want the pro afterward. I look forward to your reply.

        • Comparisons will be provided down the road. We can’t do it at this time. As for a discount on upgrading to Pro after purchasing standard, I can’t say this is confirmed, but I don’t see why there wouldn’t be a discount upgrading from one license to the other.

          • Ok thanks, and it’s fine if you can’t do comparisons right now, I can wait, I just want to see them before I actually BUY the game so I can make an informed purchase. When you don’t have a whole lot of money (like me ^.^) you have to be contentious with your purchases. 😉

      • only for higher quality videos / pictures a doubled price?

        Ok. Then this should render at least fullHD 3D-shutter movies at 120 fps

        • At the moment, I cannot say, this is the only direct info from the dev team that we have with regards to difference between Pro and Standard licenses: “Pro license will contain additional features for high quality video export and screenshots”

  10. Will there be any provision for building rides off-line, for example making script files so that designs could be built using other packages and then the geometry and speed profiles imported into NL for rendering?

  11. Any news on the release date yet? If no that’s fine, I’m just asking to find out if you know or not. I’m just so excited for this!

    • Sorry, no news on an exact date yet. Join the mailing list, located over on the top right and you’ll get an email when we have a release date and when it is available for download.

  12. Any news on the release date yet? If no that’s fine, I’m just asking to find out if you know or not. I’m just so enthusiastic about what just might be the 8th world wonder!

  13. Any ballpark idea on how much longer Mac version will be? (month, 6 months, year?)

    In the past I have bought the PC version and run it under Wine until a Mac version came out, than bought that version.

    At $50 this time around, I don’t see this being a reasonable financial option this time.
    Any discounts for buying both platform versions?

    • Sorry to say that we don’t have a ballpark time frame. It’s hard putting a time frame. I also don’t have information regarding a discount on having both platforms.

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