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Suspended Coasters Beauty

Feast your eyes on the beauty that the Arrow Suspended track style brings to the game. So, what kind of roller coaster will you design with this track style? Tell us in the comments section below.

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NoLimits 2 Release Date Announced!

Well folks. We now have a definitive date on the release date of NoLimits Coaster 2 and it is that of January 10, 2014 The wait for NoLimits Coaster 2 is finally on its final days and you can start the countdown. Please stay tuned to this website for more ...

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Status Update With Details

No Limits Coaster 2 is in the final stage and very close to being released. Most of the big critical bugs have been fixed. All the features have been added in and all that is left to do is write up the user manual and create some demo tracks. Here’s ...

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