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No Limits Coaster 2 – Update

Today update was released today. To downloaded simply open NL2 and you’ll see a prompt to download the update. Here’s a breakdown of what is included in this update. New Flat Rides The existing Pirate Ship and Enterprise flat rides have been improved with highly detailed and scripted models. Te new ones have reflections, bump maps and special sound effects. With the addition of these flat rides created by MGrides, there is now an extensive collection of them which allow you to make far more detailed and realistic┬átheme parks. Here’s a picture of them provided by CoasterCrazy user, Paradox: Stereo 3D Mode There is now an option for stereo for 3D TV’s. The 3D mdoe can be activated using a command line, see the help files for reference. Some televisions required you to be in full HD otherwise you will not be able to enter the 3D mode. High ...

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